Yoga Vs Gym – Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym

Yoga Vs Gym – Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym

Yoga Vs Gym – Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym

The debate on yoga vs gym is going on for long. Yoga is said to be the ancient art for physical and mental health. Gym concentrates more on physical workout and weight reduction. People sometimes get confused as to which one is better: yoga or gym?


Reasons Why Doing Yoga Is Better Than Gym

Here we will be discussing why yoga is more beneficial for your body than gym.

      1. Yoga body vs gym body

The practice of yoga usually involves stretching, folding and twisting your body which is helpful in improving working of the circulatory system, digestive system among others. It is helpful in detoxifying the body. This is how yoga changes your body. Gym mainly focuses on cardio and muscle strength.

     2. Yoga brings calmness

Yoga is practiced mainly in serene and peaceful atmosphere. It has a more calming effect on your body than gym. In gym, there are weightlifting and physical activity which involves a lot of strength where you do not get an opportunity of being calm.

     3. Yoga reduces stress

Yoga is way better in reducing stress than gym. It involves meditation which brings down the stress level of the body, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated. In gym, bright lights and loud music might increase your stress levels.

     4. Yoga reduces aches and pains from your body

It is another point in yoga vs gym and why most people prefer doing yoga. The pain which has been there in your body for a long period of time can be cured through yoga. The machines and weights in the gym can increase your pain instead of reducing it.

     5. Yoga promotes variety

There are variety of asanas and poses to choose from in yoga. You can leave those asanas which do not suit your body. In gym, you do not have a variety. You work out daily on same machines, weight lifting among others which can become monotonous over time.

     6. Yoga is not competitive

Unlike gym, yoga is not a competitive sport. You are improving yourself in yoga. In gym, if your fellow competitor is running fast on treadmill or lifting heavy weights you will also want to do the same or even more than them, leaving you tired and stressed out.

     7. Yoga can be practiced by all

Irrespective of your age and health you can practice yoga. People who are facing severe health problems can also practice yoga. Gyms are not senior-friendly because they involve heavy workouts which cannot be done by everyone. This can be one of the reasons why people of all age choose yoga over gym.

     8. Yoga helps in easy breathing

Yoga involves meditation which focuses on taking deep breaths. Deep breaths help in easing out fatigue and stress. In gym, you cannot breathe properly as you get exhausted after a heavy workout.

     9. Yoga teaches acceptance

Yoga helps in accepting yourself with all your weaknesses and strengths. If you are unable to do any yoga pose, use yoga props or modify yoga pose and reap benefit of particular pose. While in gym, if you do not do any exercise properly, there is no option of modification, a sense of failure will start dominating your thoughts.

     10. Yoga improves concentration

Yoga helps you focus on posture, breath and gaze. There are no distractions while you are doing yoga. But in gym, you cannot focus as there are TVs, loud music, etc. to distract and make you easily lose your focus. Yoga is helpful in improving your concentration power.

     11. Weight Loss – Yoga vs Gym

Your body can easily become strong and toned through yoga by using your body weight as a base. Yoga reduces weight slowly but once the weight is reduced it can stay for a long period of time even if you discontinue practicing yoga. Gym uses artificial weights and equipment to strengthen your body which initially reduces weight but you can tend to become obese once you leave the gym.

     12. Yoga does not result in injury

Yoga helps in building body heat and works up your muscles. It does not injure your muscles or joints, unlike gym. In gym, you lift weights and do joint exercises which can result in injury. Yoga also has stretchable exercises which help you in relaxing before you move on to the next exercise.

     13. Yoga teaches you to focus on yourself

If you happen to go to a yoga studio you will find that there are no mirrors which help in keeping focus to yourself. But, in gym there are mirrors installed which will cause you to focus on others instead of improving yourself.

     14. Theory and practical classes

In the comparison between yoga or gym, we find that yoga focuses both on theoretical and practical aspects. However, in gym there no theory classes and only practical sessions.

     15. Yoga is easier to continue

You can continue yoga for a longer period of time because it does not require any intense movements. You can practice stretching, yoga poses, relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises in yoga. Gym involves cardio and weight lifting which are not easy to do especially when you have an injury.

     16. Reduces Medication

Yoga is helpful in reducing the medication which you might be taking regularly for some reason or the other. It permanently cures the illness which you might be suffering from a long period of time. Gym, on other hand, doesn’t treat any illness.

     17. Saves Money

Yoga can be done at any place, all you need is a yoga mat. However, you need to visit gym or buy expensive gym equipment to do gym workout. You can save many bucks if you do yoga at your home or nearby garden.


Some Other Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Now, that you know why yoga is better than going to gym, here are some other health benefits of doing yoga.

Some Other Benefits Of Doing Yoga


     Improves sleep

Yoga produces melatonin, the sleep hormone, which is helpful in getting proper sleep at night. If your body is relaxed, you can get better sleep at night which provides more energy and good mood for the next day.

     Makes person look younger

Yoga beautifies your skin by flushing out various toxins from your body. Practicing yoga can give you a positive energy which brings out inner glow and radiant shine on your skin. Yoga defies your age and makes you look younger.

     Helps in improving posture

There are many diseases like neck, muscle, back and joint problems which can occur due to improper posture. There are many meditation exercises which require you to sit with a straight back. Once you start sitting straight automatically your style of sitting will improve thus reducing all types of back and neck problems which is difficult in gym.

     Boosts Immune system

Some asanas and pranayama also help in fighting against the bacteria and virus which boosts up the immunity level of the body. It also helps in increasing the antibody level thus keeping you away from various types of diseases.

     Increases Self-Confidence

Yoga helps you in regaining the self-confidence which you have lost long time back due to some or other reason. It brings back the strength and power in you thus helping you face the most difficult situations in life easily.



Yoga has now gained an international recognition worldwide. United Nations had declared 21st June as International Yoga Day. People from all over the world are visiting India for joining yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in Rishikesh. International conferences, seminars and workshops are being held in order to make more and more people aware about yoga and its benefits.

All the people have different views on the topic of yoga vs gym. Some people say yoga is better whereas other people think gym is a better option. Most people say yoga helps to build your physical strength slowly and it stays with you for a longer period of time. Yoga meditation brings a peace of mind which is not possible while you are doing gym.