Yoga Teacher Training 101 – Things You Should Know

Yoga Teacher Training 101

Yoga Teacher Training 101 – Things You Should Know

In recent year, demand of yoga instructors has increased drastically. To become a yoga teacher it is important to complete yoga teacher training course and get certification. Yoga teacher training is not limited to learning yoga but also includes knowing about a student’s physical injuries. There are many postures of yoga which are not suggested to new students because of physical limitations of individuals leading to physical injuries. You as a teacher must be aware so that such students are kept away from those asanas.

Yoga teacher training certifies you as a master and you evolve into a different person altogether after being trained. Being a yoga teacher, you must be able to make your students stress-free and relaxed. Being a yoga tutor, you must be able to set up your school in the lap of nature so that your students can enjoy the pleasure of being close to nature.

Yoga is an age-old practice which is being practiced in India since olden days. It is a form of physical workout which calms down your mind and makes you stress-free. In fact, yoga positions help you gain a lot of positive vibes.

If you are going through the toughest times of your life then its high time you must join a yoga class. This will not only keep you occupied but it will also provide you with the power to fight with all the unwanted situations thronging in your life.


How to Become A Certified Yoga Instructor?

In order to gain a yoga teacher training certification, you need to pursue a course in a yoga training institute. There is a varied number of courses from which you can choose from. You can either go for a 100-hour session (best for beginners) which provides you with the insight of yoga. If you find yoga interesting and you have potential to learn more then you can go ahead and take a 200-hour session, 300-hour session or 500-hour session.

How to Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

The entire course of yoga teaches you how to be self-disciplined, builds in confidence in you, makes you a health freak, helps to overcome the fear of situations, etc. As a yoga master, you can instill such habits among your students in the near future.

Yoga Alliance certification is necessary if you are interested in being a yoga instructor. Make note yoga is a form of art which keeps your body and mind at peace. It conjures up a lot of time in grasping this art. Check out the various types of yoga teacher training courses:

     100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

100 hour yoga teacher training will provide you with the basic insights about yoga. You as a beginner is taught about the different types of Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Mudras, and Dhyana. At the same time, you also get to learn how each and every yoga posture affects a human body and mind. So, if you are planning to be a yoga instructor then your first duty is to help your students understand which posture is best suited for their respective bodies.

     200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

After you have learned the basics of yoga you can join 200 hour yoga teacher training. This course is designed to build your confidence level through the practice of various asanas so that you as a yoga instructor can instill confidence in your students. You also learn the names of the postures in Sanskrit.

In fact, this course proves to be helpful in other ways too. It teaches you how to build up your own business as a yoga instructor. The spiritual aspect of yoga is also introduced in this course. The origin of the art of yoga and its history also frames your syllabus.

      300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A devout practitioner of yoga is bound to fall in love with this art after he or she has completed their 100 and 200 hours of sessions. The three hundred hour teacher training course is bound to teach you a lot about yoga which will make you awestruck. Yoga is a form of science. The more you practice the more enlightenment you gain.

A rigorous training is given to students who are looking forward to be a yoga master in the near future. A lot of hard work and dedication is required while you are on your 300 hour of training. It can prove to be a life-changing event when you complete the three hundred hours of intense training.

Well, it teaches you to be disciplined in your ways of living which is the very first principle when you are mastering the art. Yoga teaches a person how to be disciplined. It proves to be tiring but refreshing at the same time.

The mornings begin quite early when you are in your training period. After three to five hours of intensive yoga training, you will be given lectures on philosophy and anatomy. A healthy diet is given to you during this period. Home works given in class should be submitted on time. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy and wise” will soon become your way of living.

      500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A complete overview of yoga and its health benefits are taught in five hundred hours yoga teacher training. Students are expected to practice the various pranayamas and the ways of breathing. Each and every yogi undergoing 500 hour training gradually sets a goal in one’s life.

Having a goal in life is very crucial for your entire life. Through the practice of yoga, you as an instructor will be able to ingrain the setting of goals in one’s life. From the second week onwards, the practical world of yoga will be introduced to the students.

The entire course structure is designed keeping in mind about the requirements of a yoga master. After gaining all these skills you can finally receive a yoga teaching certificate. Now it totally depends on the student whether he or she is looking for a simple or an intensive course so that one can teach one’s students in the right manner. At the same time, one can stabilize one’s life through the utilization of one’s skills.


How to Find The Right Yoga School?

Gaining a yoga teacher training certification requires a lot of hard work. Other than that, pursuing this course will also cost you a lot of bucks. So, if you want the best return for your money then you must conduct a survey on the best yoga teacher training institutes.

How to Find The Right Yoga School

     Registered Yoga School

When you search for the best yoga institute nearby then you are bound to find a lot of options. Now, how will you identify the unique yoga training institute? The very first task which you must perform is to scroll down their course structure. Only if you are satisfied with their course structure you can check their authentication.

Each and every institute will have an yoga alliance authentication number which you can cross check with the Yoga Alliance website. If that particular institute is registered with Yoga Alliance then only you must opt for it.

     Experienced Yoga Teacher

Apart from that, you must also see whether or not the teachers or the yogis are experienced. If the yogis do not have exposures and years of practice then you must never opt for that particular institute.

Learning yoga is no joke. After years of experience, a yoga practitioner can actually say that he or she has mastered the art. Beware of teachers who open teacher training school with less experience.

      Check Reviews

Check yoga school google or facebook reviews and also the testimonials provided by them on their particular web page. If you are satisfied with their way of teaching and their knowledge about yoga then you must head for the institute.


Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known as World Capital of Yoga. If you want to learn traditional yoga then you can look up for yoga school in Rishikesh. The yoga schools situated in Rishikesh have gained name and fame because of their training. In fact, students who have passed out from Rishikesh have also gained popularity in their own field as a yoga instructor.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a small city located on the holy river Ganges. The city is situated in India and yogis and saints throng this city all year round to practice yoga & spirituality. Apart from that the city is also peaceful and serene and is recommended as the best place for practicing yoga.

In fact, many foreigners come to this holy city of India every year to gain more knowledge about yoga. The cost of learning yoga in institutes situated in Rishikesh is comparably lower than institutes present in other parts of the world.

Look for bad reviews of teachers not facilities, the schools keep upgrading facilities but the teachers remain same. Look for personal attention, a very popular school with large batch is never going to give personal attention on you.


How to Grow Your Yoga Business

To evolve as a perfect yoga teacher, you must bring about excellence in your teaching skills to attract more students in your class. Apart from this, you must know what’s your USP in the market when there are hundreds of yoga teachers already present in the market.

After you have decided on your USP you must start visiting various yoga camps and conferences where you will come across a lot of people. In this way, you will be able to build a community of your own. The very first thumb rule of establishing a business is to increase contacts.

When you have already gained an achievement certificate of 500 hour yoga training and exposed yourself in various events and conferences then you get easy opportunities to increase your students.

When your students are happy with your way of teaching a healthy lifestyle, they might suggest your teaching to their acquaintances. Even with the word of mouth of your existing students, your yoga teaching services will increase in size.

Above all, you must ensure that you are providing your students with quality yoga practice and theoretical knowledge of yoga. Being an entrepreneur, you must ensure that all your students are happy as their queries have been answered too.

You can have a website of your own when you have established a name of your business at least in your locality.



A yoga teacher training program will provide students with complete insights about the ancient and the age-old art which belongs to India. There are different types of yoga courses in different yoga styles.

Yoga institutes charge you depending on their location and various other amenities. It is always advisable to select the right yoga training center for yourself, so that you can evolve as a yoga master one day and teach your own students.

Rishikesh Yog Math is yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh. This yoga school provides yoga teacher training in rishikesh with world class facilities. The institute is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. It offers affordable 100 hour and 200 hour yoga teacher training courses to the students. The teachers teaching in this institute have gained immense exposure through their years of experience. Join Rishikesh Yog Math to learn traditional hatha and ashtanga yoga.