Checklist To Create A Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

Yoga Teacher Resume

Checklist To Create A Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

An attractive resume can increase your chances of getting selected in an organization. Similarly, if you have an attractive yoga teacher resume, you have a better chance of being selected in a reputed yoga studio. It is important to have a know-how of drafting a good resume for a successful yoga career.


What Sections Are Required On A Yoga Resume?

Have you recently finished your yoga teacher training course and want to teach yoga in a studio? Are you looking for another teaching place? Are you interested to find yoga teaching job in another country? Having a professional yoga teacher resume can easily get you a job at a yoga studio.

Some of the sections which are required for a professional yoga resume are.

     1.  Mission Statement

Try to include this section at the top of your teacher resume if there is space. Write one or two sentences about what you do, who you are and what you want to do. Make it unique, simple and authentic. Take time to analyze why you want to teach, why a studio should include you in their team and what your classes will offer.

     2.  Education and Training

Studio owners would like to know whether you are qualified to teach. It is important to include a few things in your yoga teacher resume like Yoga Alliance certification, how many teaching hours you have completed and from where you are trained. List all of them in a sequential order. Studio owners look at this text block for about 3 seconds. It is an important information to be included in your resume.

Have you done any extra training or workshop which is related to your teaching? If it is so, list it under your main education in the same format. This can include First-Aid training or CPR. If you specialize in psychology, anatomy or physical therapy do write it down.

Enlist your formal education as well. If you have a Bachelor’s degree or Associate degree it shows that you are an all-rounder. List them in the format you are using for yoga teacher training qualification section so that it is easily scanable.

     3.  Experience

It is difficult for a new teacher to gain teaching experience when every yoga studio only wants an experienced yoga teacher. Keep on applying to various studios and you will definitely find a place to teach.

Meanwhile, you can create your own experience. Take free classes in park or public spaces for friends, family and co-workers. Every class you teach is a good experience to be added to your resume. The format for listing experience will be same as in education and training section.

Enlist the description of your yoga instructor job as well. It is better to list the bullet points which highlight your experience in a positive light. Try to focus on quantifiable achievements. List other work experience after your yoga experience. Choose your current or most recent job. Customer service skills are another plus point for yoga instructors.

If you have worked in a retail store or coffee shop do write it in your yoga teacher resume. This shows that you can work in different scenarios with different people.

     4.  Contact Information

One of the biggest mistakes most yoga teachers make is not making their contact information available or forgetting it completely. If you want a yoga studio owner to email or call you after the audition, it is important to make your information easily readable and accessible.

Insert your contact information on the left side of the resume or somewhere on the top or bottom.

Include the contact information like your phone number, name, email address and website URL. Do not write your address. It might take up extra space and if it goes into wrong hands your security might get breached.

     5.  Should You Include Photo in Yoga Teacher Resume?

It is not necessary to include a photo in your yoga teacher resume. If you have a professional photo which goes along with your yoga personality and brand, put it on the top right or left of your resume.

Try avoiding low quality images or selfies. Leave out photos from the resume. They are hard to print, take space and give an unprofessional feel.

Your yoga teacher website should have enough photos so that the studio owner can easily recognize you.


Crafting The Perfect Yoga Resume

It is important to draft a perfect yoga teacher resume in order to get a job as a yoga instructor. There are many tips which can guide you to craft a perfect yoga resume.

Crafting The Perfect Yoga Resume

     1.  Consider Organization and Hierarchy

One of the most important goals for your resume is to give easy-to-read and clear information about yourself. Someone reading your yoga teacher resume should complete the process within few minutes.

  • Use Hierarchy

What do you want people to see when they look at your resume? Create a sense of hierarchy in your resume like bold the headers which will let some information pop-up the page before the details.

  • Organization

Use sub-headers, headers and body text logically. Group all the sections by relevance and importance and put all experience in same section. Bold header of each section or use the font which is little larger.

     2.  Use Sufficient White Space Between Sections

Using white space in a yoga teacher resume puts the reader at ease. It can draw their eyes to important parts of your resume and cut out some irrelevant parts.

     3.  Don’t Overdo it With Colors

Use black, white or 1-2 colors max. Use the same colors which you use for your logo and yoga teacher website. Don’t presume that everyone will view your resume on their screen or print it from a color printer. If you are making the text light blue, test how it looks when printed in black and white.

     4.  Keep Your Resume To One Page

You might want to write many things which are unimportant in your yoga teacher portfolio. Your resume might get bloated with too much irrelevant information which you might feel is important.

It is not impossible to keep your resume to one page. It lets you being selective in whatever you include in the CV. Anything written in your resume should have a direct aim in securing you a job.

     5.  Choose Easy To Read and Professional Fonts

If you want to use a unique font, use it only for headers. If someone cannot read your resume, they will not hire you.


Mistakes Most Yoga Teachers Make While Writing Yoga Teacher Bio

Despite being very careful, there are many mistakes which can be committed by yoga teachers. Here are some of the common mistakes done by yoga teachers.

Mistakes Most Yoga Teachers Make

     1.  The Third-Person Shield

Most of the people write their yoga teacher bio as if they are writing a formal resume or CV for a prospective employer. This makes the tone impersonal. The story-telling component disappears from the resume. You are unable to create warm and emotive impression on people.

While writing CV or resume, people try to remove their personality and enlist training and experience in an objective way. This is not what you are supposed to write on your about or bio page. It is not meant for employers who are concerned about your qualifications, it is about the students who should feel a connection with you.

Write from the perspective of first person. Do not write in a language of third person or something your clients do not know about. Connect with people.

     2.  Leaving Out Your Story

Human beings have an emotional connection with stories. It is not important to include every important life event or start with your birth. You can share something about why you teach yoga and what you can offer to your demographic. Your story should make people feel an emotional resonance and give them a way to relate to you.

If you leave out your story just to be professional you tend to lose an emotional impact. It is an emotional impression which makes a lasting impact on a person reading your bio rather than a third party client who is only interested to pay you.

Create a short authentic story which creates a good impression and speaks to the public directly. Do not care about other readers. Write a story only for authentic readers who will understand you well.

     3.  Writing for Your Peers

Consciously or unconsciously, people use language and references which other professionals found impressive. You try to overcompensate so that you do not seem inexperienced, lightweight or lacking in training.  

The fellow yoga teachers are not your prospective clients. It is not important what yoga teachers think about your bio. Your peers are not the one you are going to teach and they will not see you as a teacher.

Your prospective clients might not be yoga teachers or from the yoga community. Listing the specific technical method you are trained in and using a language used in yoga circles might not be understood by all. Talk and meet your clients. Connect with their needs, challenges and aspirations.



A yoga teacher resume should be such which makes the employer offer you a job without any second thoughts. Always be true to what you have done and how much experience you hold without faking anything.

Try writing your resume in such a way that your negative points do not get highlighted in any manner. Make your yoga teacher resume positive and job worthy as far as possible.